Biomass Storage

Whether its edge of field storage or satellite storage, short term storage, or storage of multiple year biomass crops, the stinger cube-line 4010 bale wrapper is a fast and effi- cient method of storing low moisture biomass. Capable of wrapping 2-4x4 bales or 3-3x4 bales every 42 seconds with up to 10 layers of film, Stinger's in-line wrapping system has the capacity to wrap over 1500 bales per day. Weather conditions vary from year to year drastically. Stinger's Cube -line storage allows you to protect your surplus for periods up to years when field conditions do not allow harvest. our customers have reported storing crops for up to three years. Think of in line wrapping as a portable barn, without the costs that go along with permanent structures. Stinger also offers protection in the form of cap-a-stack wrappers that can give top bale protection for as little as 50 cents a bale cost in plastic.