When it comes to the history of baled biomass, we grew up on it. Our background here at Stinger has focused on harvesting, storing, stacking, and hauling crop residues for a quarter century. Stinger has worked with Universities, National laboratories, and some of the world’s leading companies in biomass technology to help develop the right tools for the baled biomass supply chain.
Pathways to success

Biomass is creating new opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs alike. As these projects develop, Stinger will work with you to make sure you have the right equipment for the right job. Stinger covers a wide range of services based upon your projects needs.

  • Crew Management
  • Project Equipment Consulting
  • Equipment Rental
  • Subcontract Harvesting
Harvesting Biomass in February

Time Line
1979-Larry Matlack & Family travel to Washington D.C. with 6000 farmers driving their tractors over 1300 miles. It was on the National Mall where farmers constructed a gasohol still to show government leaders farmers could provide food & fuel to the American consumer
1994- Reno County Kansas. The Matlack family produced large square bales for local straw particle board plants for several years.
1999- Larry Matlack designs large in-line square bale wrapper. These wrappers were used for wrapping dry wheat straw for erosion control netting.
2000- Sacramento river valley, Stingers stack over 100,000 rice straw bales over a 3 season run for biomass projects
2003- Elie, Manitoba – Stingers are part of a two season project to harvest and stack over 500,000 wheat straw bales.
2006- Larry Matlack and family take their message to Washington DC again. This time with Antique tractors and a Stinger to promote a biomass tax energy credit.
2007-Larry Matlack & Co. Invest in a new venture. Bioaire is formed to promote biomass harvesting using large square balers and Stingers. The operation runs seasonally from Texas to North Dakota
2009- Emmetsburg, IA Stinger becomes involved in R&D on projects such as Poet’s Project Liberty.
2010- Stinger develops the Automatic Load Securing System for baled biomass transportation.
2012- The result of a grant from the DOE, the Kansas Alliance for Bioenergy purchases 2 Stinger Stackers along with other biomass harvesting equipment.
2015- Stinger completes a record harvest working with DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol.

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